We help startup entrepreneurs and smaller companies with a scalable business model to raise venture capital for their growth  

We invest in companies partly with our own funds or in combination with several different investors. We are happy to listen to your challenges and hopefully we can help you. 

The Process

Raising venture capital can provide great opportunities for a rapid expansion. But timing is essential, raising capital too early or to the wrong partner can be devastating. 
Our purpose is to provide valuable expertise throughout the process when you are to capitalise the company. Our framework follows a process where we work together to identify new opportunities and minimize risks early   

Easily described in the following three steps 

The Company

What is the Company´s current position and where do you want it to be within 6-36 months? what is the value proposition, and how differ it from the competitors?  

A well - prepared business plan is based on management´s commitment, competence, risk-taking and competition analyses. But also goals and visions from the owners.

We provide advice and support in the development of the Company´s business plan for the future


How big is the total market (TAM) and how big is the Serviceable Obtainable market (SOM) Who is your biggest competitor, what has med them successful and will it make them successful tomorrow as well?  

We look at the market in a different way, we shift focus from what your competitors do today to what they do not do. This mindset can open up new business opportunities with less competition   


How long is the company ´s runway today? What does the forecast look like in the next 6-36 months? How much capital is needed to achieve these goals, and how should the capital be spent? 

After this process there is a basis for a so-called "investment deck" that can be presented to external investors 

What we are looking for

We are especially looking for growth companies with new  sustainable and scalable  business areas
Companies owned by driven and competent entrepreneurs are particularly interesting, but even if you only have one business idea, you are welcome to contact us.


A meeting with us digitally or physically, can be the first step to your success

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