FLOW is our software that benefits from the powerful combination of running locally directly on the media player connected to your screens, and a cloud-based solution.
Through this scalable solution WE MEET THE PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW, WHILE you can easily add new functions with one click. 

Computer Vison 

The core of our software is based on computer vision combined with Artificial Intelligence.

Simply described, this means that FLOW becomes aware of its surroundings and can identify, analyse, and count people or vehicles in front of your digital screens with very high accuracy.


FLOW offers two central functions that make your advertising more effective and customized.

AI Ads: The ads are only activated when the relevant target group is in front of the monitor. This ensures that your ads reach the right people and increases the chance of a successful campaign.

Ads Playlist: With this function you have a traditional playlist where the ads are shown in a loop. You have the flexibility to put in several triggers to exclude or enable different ads based on specific criteria.

FLOW analytics   

You get detailed follow-up with how many people or vehicles have passed a specific monitor.

FLOW Analytics also provides statistics on how many people actually saw your message, broken down by age, gender and time.  


We strive to provide our customers with the highest possible business value. Our main product is control of digital screens, but we have not stopped there.

With just one push of a button, you can activate our advanced people counter, then you get a complete picture of your visitors with high accuracy. 

data is the new gold


On the Internet, advertisers can tailor their ads based on the target group they want to reach. In DOOH and in-store advertising, it is usually based on calculations and assumptions. We think it's time to stop guessing and get accurate audience data.

With FLOW, you know exactly how many people pass each screen, how many people saw a message and how long they watched. Also, a demographic breakdown of your audience.

Now you can optimize your advertising and ensure that you reach the right people at the right time.


Local weather and time are factors that provide another level of adapting the message to your target group.

For the visitor counter, this also fulfills an important function as the number of visitors will be affected if the sun shines or if it rains


We deliver objective and accurate data on how many exposures your message has had, as well as how many people have seen your message broken down by age and gender.

Those who sell ads on their screens now have the option to charge based on a contact cost instead of traditional fixed prices per week. It gives you the opportunity to be more flexible in your pricing.

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